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Supermarket Specials Advertising

The traditional way to push supermarket specials was through paper flyers in consumers’ mail. It was really a high costly approach will resulted in hit or miss depending on the location.

This is still, more or less, how it’s done. However, supermarkets and grocery chains are now starting to see the appeal of digital supermarket specials advertising. And if the practice becomes disruptive enough, digital specials will be the new norm. Purpose of disruptive advertising (Ads) meaning is to create a strong impact and leave a lasting impression on the consumer’s mind.

Supermarket specials are designed to promote customer loyalty and bring in new customers to local grocery stores. In the supermarket sector, agency holding companies are responsible for creating and implementing marketing strategies that would enhance customer traffic and generate revenue.  However, you won’t get the full benefits until supermarket deals are promoted to the right audience.

Advertising supermarket specials to the right customers at the right time is far more complex than just sending out a weekly circular and waiting for shoppers to come in. To get the most from your specials, you need a targeted advertising plan that will help you bring in the customers you’re looking for. Your advertising techniques must be up-to-date to get the right customer at the right time.

Gourmet Ads focuses on placing your ads for supermarket specials on highly targeted food and cooking blogs and websites. Not everyone is on the hunt for new specials from new grocery stores. These types of potential customers are reading recipe blogs, websites about food, guides to saving money at grocery stores, etc. We focus on getting your supermarket specials ad on the sites via banner ads, videos, or native ads integrated into the content itself.

Most grocery chains, and even many smaller independent grocers, will run weekly printed advertisements that contain specials designed to bring in customers. These advertisements are usually letterbox dropped. Ultimately, these end up in the rubbish bin. Wouldn’t you prefer to reach your target audience online where they are researching recipes and making meal decisions each and every day? Not only are flyers wasteful, but they’re just not as effective as they used to be.

Gourmet Ads can work with your marketing team (or advertising agency) to develop an ongoing online strategy around your weekly and even daily supermarket specials, delivered to our audience of main house grocery buyers. It’s these grocery buyers we reach which are searching for budget-friendly ways to feed their families.

Additionally, the target audience for grocery stores will often be women or busy parents who are very on-point about how to stretch their family’s meal dollars. Gourmet Ads can also use geotargeting on your advertising campaign, allowing you to run different supermarket specials in different geographic regions. Our Latitude and Longitude targeting can take things to the next level running Supermarket Specials Advertising in small geographic segments.

Online Supermarket Advertising for your Supermarket Specials is highly cost-effective and will bring in the right kind of leads.

Advertising your weekly circular and even daily supermarket specials online is an excellent way to keep your supermarket afloat in a competitive industry. You can be sure that your customers will keep coming back.