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Marketing Metrics

Knowing and understanding your own Marketing Metrics is the key to Advertising Campaign Success.

Gourmet Ads works with all types of marketers from small business owners through to media buyers and planners at advertising agencies. Direct Response / Ecommerce based campaigns are very different from high reach branding campaigns and they require a very different approach in the media planning and strategy phases.

A phrase they we hear all the time is something like “we have the ability to spend endless amounts ie $100k+ a month if we are able to get the traffic to convert at target CPAs”. But when we dive into the data, we find very few know the key Marketing Metrics numbers and what’s more are actively monitoring them (we publish them onto a screen in our office so they are visible to everyone)

Media planning questions related to marketing metrics provide valuable insights into campaign performance, allowing marketers to optimize their efforts and maximize their return on investment. To help you wrap your head around the concept, we think these are the most important Marketing Metrics to know when planning a Direct Response Advertising Campaign online. There are many differences between marketing vs advertising. These days there are endless tools to help you track and understand your Marketing Metrics.

Marketing Metrics or KPIs

  • Who is your target consumer? ie Grocery Shopper with Kids
  • What is their age and demographic? ie Woman 25-44
  • What is the Acquisition? is it a lead, sale, enquiry, new account?
  • Current Cost per Acquisition?
  • Target Cost per Acquisition?
  • Current Average price per transaction?
  • Target Average price per transaction?
  • How do you track conversions?
  • What is your best converting landing page?
  • What is the bounce rate of this page?
  • What is your conversion rate on these landing pages for desktop / mobile?
  • What is the conversion rate by your top 3 geographies?
  • What media formats perform the best ie display, native, video?

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