CPG Marketing

CPG marketing and online advertising is a major way to promote your brand. If you’re an advertiser looking for fresh and lucrative ways to establish your CPG brand in a marketing campaign, CPG marketing may be the best solution for you.

In this guide, we’re going to establish everything you need to know about CPG advertising, from what it is to how your brand can take advantage of it.


What is CPG Marketing?

CPG marketing, also known as “Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing,” is a specific method for advertising perishable consumer goods.

Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing and Advertising are extremely important because pretty much every consumer around uses consumer packaged goods on a regular basis. Everyone consumes food daily and uses daily cleaning or body care products, at the very least. Because of this, the CPG market and its niche industries within are extremely competitive when it comes to advertising space. CPG marketing needs special care from publishing professionals like Gourmet Ads to make a dent in the plethora of online ads that are out there.

Despite the CPG industry’s tendency to go through dips and raises over time, the consumer packaged goods industry is still one of the most massive sectors in the United States as well as the rest of the world. One can look at very established brands such as Pepsi and Dove and recognize that they probably aren’t going anywhere, at least not anytime soon. And neither is the consumer packaged goods industry as a whole.

Although CPG brands generally enjoy substantial margins and large balance sheets, CPG brands must constantly fight for shelf space in grocery stores, supermarkets, and restaurants. Especially if those brands are smaller in size. CPG brands must also constantly invest in advertising and marketing in order to increase their overall brand presence and recognition.

Why is CPG Marketing Digitally or Online So Useful?

Consumer packaged goods and online advertising are far from mutually exclusive. In fact, online advertising is the biggest aspect of CPG marketing. Online advertising is becoming the standard method for marketing in all industries, and consumer packaged goods are no exception to this trend. If a CPG brand decides to settle for more traditional methods of advertising, they may be left behind in this ultra-competitive industry because online advertising is only continuing to grow in popularity and effectiveness.

While consumer packaged goods have usually been sold in traditional physical spaces, consumers are turning to online retailers more and more every year. Purchasing goods by simply pointing and clicking is easier than making a trip to the store, and consumers can receive a text message or email confirmations that their delivery is on the way. Technology is starting to become the sole way consumer packaged goods are sold. Meal memberships, food delivery services like Amazon Prime, and variety snack boxes are becoming more popular and a majority of these services and products are being advertised online. Brand awareness through CPG marketing online is now a critical move to make.

What does CPG Stand for in Marketing?

CPG stands for “Consumer Packaged Goods.” Consumer Packaged Goods refer to items that are consumed or used on a regular, usually daily basis by consumers. These products require consistent and constant replacement and replenishment. Common consumer packaged goods include:

  • Food products

  • Drinks and beverages

  • Clothing items

  • Alcohol

  • Cosmetics, beauty products, and skincare products

  • Various other household products.

Gourmet Ads is an excellent choice for CPG brands and manufacturers because we focus our advertising efforts on industries that produce consumer packaged goods.

Reach Grocery buyers with CPG Marketing

Gourmet Ads has been serving the Consumer Packaged Goods since 2008 ten years. Our platform specializes in food and wine, as well as a variety of other types of consumer packaged goods. We have specific targeting options for reaching Grocery Buyers and Household Decion Markers. We understand the importance of properly advertising consumer packaged goods and how different the industry is compared to non-perishable products. We utilize vertical advertising for niche CPG products and ultra-efficient DSP advertising to deliver the best experience for our advertisers– as well as more leads and conversions for your brand.


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