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Marketing Culinary Tourism

Marketing Culinary Tourism

Culinary Tourism is the Pursuit of Memorable Eating & Drinking Experiences

According to the International Culinary Tourism Association, Culinary Tourism is defined as “the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences”. What this means is there is a particular audience of people who are willing to travel the world in order to sample and experience authentic international cuisines.

Then there is another audience of people who want to create authentic international recipes at home for a virtual culinary tourism experience. In either event, tourism organizations (including national, state and regional tourism boards) as well and culinary associations and tour operators can benefit from targeted vertical advertising on food related websites. Fine cuisine and travel go hand and hand and a targeted marketing campaign can help drive that point home to these potential gourmet travelers.

Culinary tourism is considered a subculture of cultural tourism and certainly food is a major component of any culture. This trend in culinary tourism can be used to encourage travelers to visit other states or even foreign countries on a quest for the best food experience in the world. If a person wants the best steak they may travel to Texas, the best barbeque in Louisiana and no visit to New York city would be complete without sampling a piece of New York style pizza. Overseas, a trip to Singapore wouldn’t be complete without sampling Singapore chilli crab, butter chicken in India, chicken stay in Malaysia, peking duck in China, sushi in Japan, quesadilla in Mexico, Maori cooked hangi in New Zealand and the best pasta would require a trip to Italy, of course. The list is endless when it comes to culinary tourism.

The Gourmet Ads Audience is Ideal for Culinary Tourism Advertising Campaigns.

Targeted ads on food websites can help make the tastes and smells of international foods so real to viewers that they can hardly wait to get their flight booked and their bags packed. Culinary tourism brings to mind the taste of a freshly baked croissant served at a sidewalk café in France first thing in the morning with a cup of café au lait. Think of any trip you have ever taken and a food memory is sure to come to mind.

The Gourmet Ads network of food sites offers national, state and regional tourism boards as well as tour operators the ability to target our audience of food and wine enthusiasts. We provide the ability to position your Culinary Tourism messaging which will encourage travelers to visit and experience your destination.

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