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Food Marketing Strategies

Food Marketing Strategies

Food Marketing Strategies to impact consumer behavior

Food Marketing directly impacts food purchasing and eating habits of the consumer. Due to the huge impact that marketing has, food marketing strategies are now leaning more towards creating healthier eating habits for the public.

With the United States’ huge chain store Walmart dropping prices of fruit and vegetables, Australian laws against advertising junk food for children being altered, and the United Kingdom’s governmental push to get families active, eating more fruit and veg and drinking less alcohol, it is fair to say that places all around the globe are taking an interest in healthy eating. It is because of this that health foods are some of the most talked about products on the market; anything organic or natural is becoming more appealing to families in particular.

Due to the rise in popularity of health foods, products that feature natural sweeteners rather than HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) are on the up rise. HFCS has become commonplace in many processed food products, but now that people are more aware of sugary contents in their food, natural sweeteners (such as honey or maple syrup) are becoming a much more popular alternative.

When planning out your food marketing strategies, you need to remember that your focus needs to be on a food’s nutritional value, but you need not make your ad campaign boring because of this. A great way to start is to get your consumer excited about trying lots of new, exciting and healthy foods. Entice them with the promise of colours and flavours and you are sure to soon get a load more followers!

Gourmet Ads can help deliver your Food Marketing Strategies

Other food marketing strategies might include offering solutions for tackling obesity such as promoting high fibre foods and promoting a decrease in the consumption of saturated fat. As high fibre is good for digestive health and saturated fat can have detrimental effects on your cholesterol levels, educating consumers about healthier alternative products such as yours can help you come across as a caring and healthy brand.

To truly grab your customer’s attention, there needs to be something at the centre of your advertising campaign that tugs at the consumer’s heart; whether it is the idea that your product can make all their problems go away, or that your product can be the answer to keeping their kids healthy.

Gourmet Ads can help your food marketing strategies come to life, and can make smaller companies become more established in such a competitive market. Once your brand is well established, people will trust it and sales will increase. Not only this, but a well-known brand is a credible brand, so you can then go on to use this credibility to educate consumers about health foods, and create effective food marketing strategies.

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