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Cooking Ad Network

Cooking Ad Network

Gourmet Ads is a Cooking Ad Network made up of Cooking and Recipe Sites

I was asked today by a kitchenware advertiser if Gourmet Ads was a Cooking Ad Network. The reason the advertiser was asking, was if we were a cooking ad network was because they planned to run advertising nearby online recipes. The kitchenware media buyer added that placements located nearby online recipes was essential because this is where they had been seeing the best conversions. Our observations over the past 12 months are similar.

So after that question I thought I might highlight some of the sorts of sites we’ve included in Gourmet Ads as to illustrate that we are a cooking ad network and that we run next to online recipes.

Sites that make up our Cooking Ad Network include;

  • Recipe Websites
  • User Generated Recipe Sites
  • Cooking Video Sites
  • Recipe Search Engines
  • Cooking Forums
  • Food Blogs

Apart from simply running beside recipes, the majority of the sites on the Gourmet Ads network can run beyond the banner campaigns including Floating Ads, Interstitial Ads and Over the Page to name just a few. These high profile, high impact creative advertising units provide unparamount engagement with targeted audiences.

Gourmet Ads can develop a bespoke media plan for your brand that’s not only cost effective but highly targeted to your audience. So if you’re looking for a Cooking Ad Network for your next campaign, then go no further.


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