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Advertising Weekly Specials

Advertising Weekly Specials

Reaching out to your audience through weekly specials

Weekly specials are a great way of reaching out to your audience. Thanks to digital media, advertising weekly specials is becoming even easier and means that you can be even more visible to your desired demographic.

Weekly specials are usually in weekend circulars, but not everyone buys a newspaper every weekend.  To expose your special offers, your advertising of your weekly specials needs to be online. Weekly circulated ads online increases your chances of reaching out to a wider audience. Not only this, but an ad online is easy to alter – an ad that goes to print with a typo or other error is stuck that way until the next issue!

Many families nowadays use money-saving and calorie-monitoring to help them choose their product when they do their grocery shopping. Pre-planning weekly meals is a great way for people to save money and advertising weekly specials on sites like Gourmet Ads (which people use to plan their meals) ensures an increase in purchase intentions and actual sales.

The key to advertising weekly specials is targeting. Gourmet Ads’ network of sites has a dedicated audience and by advertising specials using these sites, you can reach your right consumer at the right time.

Geo targeting is also a key element in reaching your target consumer – often their geographical location can be a contributing factor as to the type of product they are searching for or the type of special offer that is relevant to them. By using geo targeting, your ads will only reach relevant customers that are likely to buy your product and use your special offers. This means that you are only advertising to an applicable demographic and focussing your attentions on them. This means you are not spending your advertising budget on people who are unlikely to use your weekly specials or buy your products.

Weekly specials create quick movement of inventory

The main purpose for advertising weekly specials online is the quick movement it can create. Weekly specials that are displayed on Gourmet Ads can be reached instantly by your target audience, which means that sales are quicker and there is a quicker movement in inventory as well. Your audience will love the convenience of being able to access all kinds of specials in just a few clicks.

Gourmet Ads’ strong and effective advertising campaigns create a great sense of identity for your brand that your consumers will recognise and relate to. Advertising weekly specials when you use digital media such as Gourmet Ads can create a great advertising campaign for your brand.

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