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Programmatic Marketing

There are many methods out there for marketing one’s product or service. One particularly innovative way to market in the digital age is through Programmatic Marketing.

But what is Programmatic Marketing, and should any business owner of a digital enterprise jump on the bandwagon? Let’s take a look at what this innovative form of marketing is and what some of the benefits are to making the switch.

What is Programmatic Marketing?

Programmatic Marketing (aka Programmatic Advertising) is a way to specifically target which types of potential buyers or viewers you want to show your ad campaigns to. This type of targeting can include demographic segments such as gender, age, location, occupation, etc.

With Programmatic Marketing, you can control when and how often ads are displayed to your potential customers as well as which publishers will display your ads. Through programmatic marketing, you will only have to pay for extremely effective advertisements that were delivered to the right audience.

This is quite a steep step away from the traditional method of buying ads, which usually involves the publisher agreeing to run a specific ad campaign while the buyer pays a flat fee, or steadily growing fees, to show that ad campaign. Traditional advertising and marketing is risky because you may not actually get your ads to the right people. There are many differences when we go deeper into Marketing vs Advertising.

Programmatic Marketing involves improving and optimizing spending and resources. Programmatic Marketing makes the act of purchasing, placing, and optimizing the marketing process much more simple by putting the bulk of the workload onto a digital platform. Ad purchasers will buy digital ad space by hand for their clients, so there is still a human element to it. However, programmatic marketing utilizes cloud based DSPs and their algorithms to more or less automate a vast majority of the process. Business owners will no longer have to spend copious amounts of time on dealing with tagging requests, marketing timelines, or insertion orders. This form of digital marketing takes care of most of the tedious work.

What are the Benefits of Programmatic Marketing?

There are significantly more benefits to Programmatic Marketing than there are downfalls, especially when we compare this method of marketing to traditional online marketing.

  • Significantly improved control and transparency. Programmatic Marketing adds a useful layer of privacy to a marketing campaign. Traditional marketing has a history of lacking privacy, but going programmatic can allow you to monitor exactly how your ads are reaching your customers, whether or not the correct target demographic was hit. This can also provide immensely valuable insight into your true demographics.
  • You can measure data and report in real time. This allows advertisers to measure exactly how well the campaign is doing and adjust it immediately. You don’t need to wait to see how the campaign will turn out after identifying a major flaw and can optimize the campaign in real time.
  • It’s quick and effective. Programmatic Marketing platforms can allow you to see how effective your campaign is at any given time. It can also allow you to greatly improve your targeting capabilities.

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