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Kitchen Tablet

Nowadays, people are integrating tablets into their lives in many different ways.

One way is in the kitchen. When the modern tablet-owner starts up the oven and prepares for dinner, they’ll use their tablet to search for recipes while they cook. This presents a unique advantage for advertising opportunities.

So how can brands take advantage of targeting kitchen tablet users? It’s actually pretty simple.

Should Your Business Target Kitchen Tablets?

People are using their tablets to view recipes or cooking videos while they are cooking. The days of the physical cookbook are being phased out in favor of tech in the kitchen.

Recipes are a fantastic place to target consumers, notably through advertising ingredients. Grocery and food brands that sell particular ingredients within a recipe can advertise them accordingly within the recipe itself. This way, the interested consumer will be able to access and purchase the ingredient they need on the spot.

This is especially useful for brands that sell niche ingredients such as spices, rare fruit, international goods, etc.

How Can Brands Target iPad Kitchen Tablets in their Digital Advertising?

Not only can Gourmet Ads take on tablet and iPad targeting, but we generally can also target down to the operating system of the device. Be it Android, iOS, Microsoft, ChromeOS, etc.

Some of the advertisements you can place on a recipe website for tablets include:

Native advertising is particularly useful for advertising to recipe-readers on tablets because it seamlessly meshes with the content they’re already reading.

Just as well, display advertising and banners are similarly useful because they are visual. A consumer can read about the ingredients they need and see actual photos or graphics of said ingredients in an advertising banner.

Advertising on recipe pages and specifically targeting tablet users offers a full well-rounded experience for the consumer. They can get their recipe information and a direction to go for ingredients all in the same place. It’s extremely convenient and very lucrative for grocery and food brands.

Gourmet Ads for Top-Tier Target Tablet Advertising

There are an estimated 166 million tablet users just in the United States, let alone the rest of the world. We can surely expect that number to rise as tablet use becomes more commonplace in households.

Grocery and food brands simply can’t miss this opportunity to reach tablet users who use their devices in the kitchen. Luckily, Gourmet Ads is here to help.

Gourmet Ads is an international food and wine advertising network that focuses on programmatic and target marketing. That means that we work with brands, publishers, and blogs to deliver highly specific ads to consumers with highly specific cuisine-related needs. Our advertising platform can reach millions of households worldwide— in fact, we’ve already boasted over a billion ad impressions and have advertising space on nearly 1,600 food and cooking websites.

If you need access to consumers in the kitchen, programmatic advertising is a fantastic way to target very specific users who need your specific products.