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Fall Advertising

Fall is the season of colors, with the leaves changing and the weather getting chillier. It’s getting closer and closer to some major consumer holidays. To put it simply, fall is the perfect time to launch a major advertising campaign for your business.

This quarter is a very important one for advertisers, so it’s important to brush up on some tips and tricks before diving into a new ad campaign.

Fall Advertising Ideas

In order to pull in leads and stand out in terms of brand awareness, advertisers will have to use a healthy mix of traditional and disruptive or modern themes when it comes to fall advertising. Disruptive advertising (Ads) meaning is to create ads that are not just informative but also entertaining, inspiring, and thought-provoking.

  • Try launching a fun Instagram photo contest that is relevant to your business but also allows followers to share their favorite activities for fall. Don’t forget to use a unique hashtag. As one of the most important aspects of disruptive advertising is its capacity to surprise and engage the audience.
  • Always advertise on local blogs. Everyone loves fall recipes, regardless of whether or not there’s a holiday. If you’re in the food or wine industry, it’s crucial to ensure that your products are features when and where consumers want them.
  • Advertise and market at local festivals like Oktoberfest and autumn-themed farmer’s markets.
  • Consider offering a deal, coupon, or special product that has to do with fall.

Thanksgiving Advertising Ideas

The fourth Thursday of November is beloved by Americans as a holiday of togetherness, lots of tasty food, family, warmth, and comfort. This energy should reflect in your advertising, but you should also put a unique spin on it.

  • Show how much you care about your community and how you’re showing your gratitude to the consumers that built your business up. Consider sponsoring an event, holding a fundraiser, or a similar form of charity.
  • Update your social media accounts with all of the relevant Thanksgiving imagery and colors.
  • Consider giving a Thanksgiving dinner away for free, especially if you are a food brand. A raffle, contest, or similar engaging event can be held via social media to auction off the free dinner.
  • Always market your products to the appropriate Thanksgiving theme. Do you sell spices and herbs? Advertise on recipe blogs that are known for zesty, flavorful Thanksgiving foods. Do you sell desserts? Market your products in a compilation blog post of Thanksgiving foods that pair well with certain desserts.

Halloween Advertising Ideas

October 31st is the spookiest night of the year, and while it isn’t really known for excessive consumerism, it is known for its parties, costumes, and decor.

  • Scare up sales by tweaking your brand with more Halloween elements for your social media accounts. Depending on your target market, you can get pretty creative with the imagery you choose.
  • Consider running a Halloween themed marketing email campaign. Relatively small changes to email campaigns can boost sales and improve brand awareness, so a slight Halloween theme can add a bit more interest and value to your campaign.
  • Making spooky, humorous, or downright gross recipes is a popular pastime for Halloween enthusiasts. Place your food ads on blogs that have these recipes so your target market can find your products when they need them as ingredients for a Halloween recipe.
  • Modify your ad copy and target Halloween keywords, but do some keyword research first. Depending on what horror movies or cultural events have happened in the year before Halloween, what costumes and themes people are looking for may change.

Black Friday Advertising Ideas

The day after Thanksgiving was once one of the biggest shopping events of the year and became quite notorious. Now that Cyber Monday has made it possible to get the best deals without having to fight your way through a crowded store, Black Friday is a bit more relaxed. Your advertising should reflect that.

  • Consider hourly deals. For stores with high traffic, a deal an hour could help keep your Black Friday deals a surprise while also getting customers to keep coming back.
  • Draft some gift guides. Such guides let customers find your particular store location during the fall season. Not only is a gift guide great for highlighting your products, but it also provides a little bit of direction for consumers who don’t usually participate in Black Friday
  • Offer a free gift with every purchase, such as a cork stopper or promotional shot glass with every purchase of a bottle of wine.
  • Consider extending your sales timeline from Black Friday to Cyber Monday so consumers know they have the option of visiting your stores or enjoying a shopping experience online, stress-free.