Autumn Advertising

Autumn truly is a beautiful time of year. Unfortunately, it can also be a bit of a stressful time of year for consumers, as some serious major holidays occur during autumn and shortly after. Now is a great opportunity for brands to look at their advertising and how they can make it more approachable, relaxed, and pleasant.

Need some help building an excellent autumn ad campaign? Keep reading on to check out some very useful tips and tricks.

Autumn Advertising Ideas

It’s easy to fall into tropes when it comes to autumn advertising. Because of this, it’s very important to think about what unique elements you can include in your ad campaigns to draw in consumers while also not putting too much pressure on them to buy, buy, buy.

  • Bid summertime goodbye, especially if your business region is in somewhere notoriously hot. You can make this a theme for your campaign, but be sure to pair it with a “one last time” summer deal extension before your autumn products start popping up.
  • Invest in a gift card system if you haven’t already, and heavily promote them. Gift cards are more popular than ever as Christmas gifts, so your ad campaign should mention them.
  • The internet loves weird holidays. Consider celebrating one as part of your ad campaign to pull in social media interest. (There’s Guacamole Day, Worldwide Coffee Day, No Beard Day, etc.)
  • Consider handing out autumn-themed giveaways. It’s the season to buy and give gifts, so there may be more interest in giveaways, particularly if the products and themes are interesting. This can also be a great opportunity to get those email lists.

Superbowl Advertising Ideas

Early February is a big deal for football fans, and Superbowl season is one of the most interesting and funny advertising seasons ever. To really stand out, you’ll have to get very creative.

  • A Superbowl commercial may not be in your budget, but your business can still get into the spirit by creating a Superbowl video commercial to share across your social media accounts.
  • Be generous with game day giveaways, promotions, and sales– but make sure the theme fits the energy of the Superbowl.
  • A game day event could pull in some interest from your social media followers. Restaurants are great places for Superbowl parties, so if this is your industry, you should definitely consider hosting one.
  • Who doesn’t love all the delicious appetizers at Superbowl parties? For food brands, create some interesting recipes and advertise your products as ingredients.

Día de Muertos Advertising Ideas

October 31st through November 2nd often goes hand in hand with Halloween. It’s a celebratory holiday that honors the dead and is mainly celebrated in Mexico, the southwestern United States, and among Mexican Americans. Once your Halloween ad campaign is over, consider running a brief Day of the Dead campaign as well.

  • Day of the Dead is about revering those who have passed away in the year before, and there isn’t a whole lot of food involved with that. However, sugar skulls are a big part of this celebration. Consider drafting some unique recipes on how to make sugar skulls at home.
  • Another way in which food is part of this holiday involves offers to the dead via alters. Part of your blog copy could include some informative culture-exploring articles that break down what foods are often offered and the symbolism behind altars and Day of the Dead.
  • Floral brands will get quite a lot of ad value from this holiday. Flowers, particularly Aztec marigolds and Calaveras, are used to make floral crowns. Advertising flowers that are popular for this activity could be a good idea, particularly on tutorial videos or articles that explain how to make flower crowns.

Cyber Monday Advertising Ideas

The Monday following Thanksgiving and Black Friday is a popular one for the modern-day shopper. Who wants to deal with the madness of Black Friday?

  • Ensure that your ad campaign is 100% mobile compatible. People are shopping via their smartphones more than ever before, so it’s vital for your ad campaign to be as visible and user-friendly as possible for mobile users.
  • Take a more humanitarian approach to your ad campaign. For younger consumers, a philanthropic focus is becoming the norm when looking at brands. You can’t simply sell– your business needs to have a message, mission, and reason to be trusted.
  • Consider the product bundle. You can introduce your customers to products they may not have considered in the past, such as a unique type of food or drink, by bundling it with a best-selling item.

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