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Advertising that Leverage New Year’s Resolutions

Gourmet Ads does a lot of New Year’s Advertising and is important day on our Advertising Calendar.

Both the period before and after New Year’s Eve is where people start thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions. What they want to achieve or change in their life for the year ahead. As such what an ideal time to market particular products, when consumers are open to them when compared to the rest of the year.

What we’ve learnt from media buyers overtime is that most people have already subconsciously thought about their New Year’s Resolutions, so making sure its mentioned in the advertising creative is key to getting great results.

So we’ve put together a list of five popular New Year’s Resolutions and how New Year’s Advertising at this key period of the year can drive sales significantly.

1. Losing Weight (diet foods, weight loss programs)

Probably the most popular of all New Year’s Resolutions is losing weight. A media buyer at one of the world’s largest weight loss companies said they centered the majority of their annual advertising budget towards the post Christmas period running campaigns through to the end of February which was targeted at people who have made a  New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

2. Exercising (joining a gym or purchasing gym equipment)

Reinforced from point 1, a very popular New Year’s Resolutions is losing weight and joining a gym is essential to achieving this goal. So advertising at this key period of the year can drive sales significantly for gym memberships or for those interesting in purchasing gym equipment like a walking machine or similar. People who want to get in shape are ideal targets

3. Education

Some people’s New Year’s Resolution is about increasing their level of education. This can range simply learning a new language or skill, through to going back to college or university for a career change. Either way, reaching people at this key inter-sectional period of the year when they are thinking about increasing their level of education can provide significant enrollments to courses.

4. New Job

The New Year’s period can be for some inspiration to leave their current employment for greener pastures. So for Job Ad sites, there is a great opportunity here to undertake advertising to lift the number of site viewers at this time of year.

5. Quit Smoking

For smokers, a New Year’s Resolution of giving up smoking can be an annual event. On average, smokers try about four times before they quit for good. So for companies who manufacture nicotine patches or companies selling Quit Smoking Programs there is a great deal gain at this part of the year by advertising to your target market. Make sure the advertising message is clear and concise and one again includes the key messaging of New Year’s Resolution in the advertising creative.

Apart from just these five common New Year’s Resolutions, the fact is that everyone has some sort of resolution or goal for the coming year ahead. It could be saving more money, renovating the house, stopping drinking, going green around the house, donating time to a charity or even just spending more time with the family.

So finally if you’d like to run a focused New Year’s Advertising campaign aimed at harnessing the New Year’s Resolution within all of us, contact Gourmet Ads and we’ll develop a media plan for your consideration.

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