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Retargeting is Targeting Previous Visitors to your Website

Retargeting is a targeting technique used by advertisers who want to target previous website visitors and serve them an advertisement encouraging them to revisit the site and in some cases, complete a purchase or sign up to a newsletter.

Consumers do a great deal of research online before making a purchase and for products with long purchasing cycles retargeting is a strategy to keep your brand or website top of mind with your target audience. Often when a user starts researching a product to buy they will visit a wide range of sites looking for information and prices on the product. At this time if you drop a cookie with some information on their interest you can target the user again later in the purchasing cycle.

Reach users within the Acquisition or Purchasing Funnel with Retargeting

Gourmet Ads can either provide you a web beacon or we can “piggy back” on your existing beacons. Your campaign would be run back in the Gourmet Ads traffic pool. Our systems will start locating your retargeting cookies the moment they leave your site. So if a user has had a cookie dropped from your site, then visits a site within our network, they’ll see retargeting campaigns straight away.

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