Cosmetics Targeting

Cosmetics are things or products designed to improve the appearance and texture of the human body. Many cosmetics are designed to be used on the face and hair. Moisturizers, cleansers, toners, eye makeup, mascara, foundation, blush, and other cosmetics are included in them. Cosmetics for the hair include things like shampoo, conditioner, and styling products.

Skincare items like creams, lotions, and cleansers that support the well-being and health of the skin can also be classified as cosmetics. Tools including brushes, sponges, and applicators can all be used to apply cosmetics. From liquids and creams to powders and gels, they are available in a wide range of hues and textures.

There are health advantages to some cosmetics. For instance, some cosmetic products have antibacterial components that might help to protect against skin diseases. Additionally, consistent use of the right skincare products may contribute to maintaining the health and vitality of the skin.

Additionally, some cosmetics have anti-aging qualities. For example, many moisturizers have sunscreen in them to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation. Lip balms work in a similar way to prevent chapped, dry lips. Certain cosmetics have healing properties. Some of the essential oils used in cosmetics have relaxing and energizing properties.

Cosmetics can have a lot of advantages, but they must be applied properly. Applying cosmetics incorrectly or excessively, especially to the skin, can cause skin rashes or allergies. Additionally, it’s important to take off makeup at night so that the skin can breathe and regenerate itself.

Across our managed publishers, we see millions of Cosmetics searches each month. We are able to leverage our contextual targeting engine to provide a unique opportunity for companies advertising Cosmetics products seeking to reach their target audience.

Reach Cosmetics Prospective Customers  
We offer the ability to either advertise on pages next to Cosmetics related content or to people who have previously looked at Cosmetics content in the past. We know that people looking at Cosmetics content online are most likely wishing to change or update their beauty and personal care products to make their routines easier or more cost-efficient.

Cosmetics Targeting Solutions

Realtime Cosmetics Targeting
Our Realtime Cosmetics Targeting option allows an advertiser to run their advertising next to Cosmetics content as the individual looks at the page. This is the ultimate solution for advertising Cosmetics products. We can run this targeting across our own managed supply and via audience extension.

Cosmetics Audience Targeting
Our Cosmetics Audience Targeting options allow an advertiser to run their advertising targeted to people who have recently looked at Cosmetics Products. This offers a significantly larger scale than our Realtime Targeting option.

Popular Cosmetics searches
We see a wide range of Cosmetics related searches and content across our publishers. There are literally thousands of Cosmetics searches each month. The top twenty Cosmetics searches we see include;

  • Best cosmetics brands
  • Organic cosmetics
  • How to apply makeup
  • Vegan cosmetics
  • Cruelty-free cosmetics
  • Best foundation for [skin type]
  • How to choose cosmetics
  • Long-lasting lipstick
  • Best mascara for volume
  • Best eyeshadow palette
  • Best skincare products
  • Anti-aging cosmetics
  • Korean cosmetics
  • Japanese cosmetics
  • Best cosmetics for acne-prone skin
  • Natural cosmetics
  • Cosmetic product reviews
  • DIY cosmetics
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Cosmetics safety and regulations

Campaign Options for Targeting

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