Foie Gras Ingredient Targeting

Foie Gras is a luxury food product made from the liver of a duck or goose. The term “Foie Gras” is derived from French, where “Foie” means “Liver” and “Gras” means “Fat,” thus it is essentially “Fat Liver.”

The traditional method of producing Foie Gras involves force-feeding ducks or geese with corn in order to enlarge their livers to a size far beyond their natural size. The term “Gavage” refers to this action. After the birds are slaughtered, their livers are taken out and used to make Foie Gras.

Thus, the fatty liver of a duck or goose serves as the major ingredient in Foie Gras. Salt, pepper, and various herbs and spices are examples of additional ingredients that can vary depending on the particular recipe. It is frequently prepared by lightly frying it and serving it straight up, but it can also be turned into a mousse or pâté. It is frequently served with other accompaniments and spread on bread because of its rich, buttery, and delicate flavor.

A number of nations and jurisdictions have outlawed the production of Foie Gras because of concerns about animal cruelty. Foie Gras manufactured from the livers of birds that weren’t force-fed has started to become “ethical” according to some producers.

One of the most searched recipe terms in search engines each year is the term “Foie Gras Ingredient”. We also see this trend from the recipe indexing we undertake across thousands of publishers in Gourmet Ads. This provides a unique opportunity for companies advertising Foie Gras Ingredients.

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Reach Foie Gras Shoppers
We offer the ability to either advertise on pages next to Foie Gras Ingredients or to people who have previously looked at Foie Gras Ingredients in the past. We know that people looking at Foie Gras recipes are likely to be on the lookout for Foie Gras Ingredients or already have some in their pantry.

Foie Gras Ingredients Targeting Solutions

Realtime Targeting
Our Realtime Foie Gras Targeting option allows an advertiser to run their advertising next to a Foie Gras recipe as the shopper looks at the page. This is the ultimate solution for advertising Foie Gras Ingredients. We can run this targeting across our own managed supply and via audience extension.

Foie Gras Ingredients Audience Targeting
Our Foie Gras Ingredients Audience Targeting options allow an advertiser to run their advertising targeted to people who have recently looked at Foie Gras Ingredients. This offers a significantly larger scale than our Realtime Targeting option.

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