Beer Targeting

Beer is an alcoholic drink served in bottles, cans, or straight from the tap. The alcoholic content of beer can range from around 2% to 12%, although most beers fall somewhere in the middle. The history of beer dates back thousands of years. It’s thought that beer was first invented in China or Mesopotamia, 7000 BCE. It slowly spread to other parts of the world and was adopted by many cultures. Today, there are many different types of beer, each with its own unique ingredients and flavor profile. The taste of beer can vary depending on the type, but most beers are either malty, hoppy, or fruity. Maltiness comes from the malt used to brew the beer and is often described as sweet or nutty. Hoppiness comes from the hops used in brewing and gives the beer a bitter, floral flavor. And finally, fruitiness comes from the yeast used in brewing and can give the beer a citrusy or spicy taste.

Some of the most popular beer types include:

  • Ale: Beer brewed with top-fermenting yeast, resulting in a full-bodied, fruity flavor.
  • Lager: Beer brewed with bottom-fermenting yeast, resulting in a crisp, clean flavor.
  • Stout: Beer brewed with roasted malt, resulting in a dark, rich flavor. Think of it as the beer equivalent of strong coffee or dark chocolate.
  • Porter: A type of beer brewed with roasted malt and hops, resulting in a bitter flavor reminiscent of stout.
  • IPA: A versatile beer that can taste either malty or hoppy depending on the ingredients used.
  • Wheat Beer: Beer brewed with wheat, resulting in a light, refreshing flavor.

Despite the different types of beer the brewing process is generally the same. First, you need to malt the grains, which is a process of drying and roasting. Then, you need to add hops, water, and yeast. Beer can come in many colors, from pale straw to deep black. The color of the beer is determined by the malt used to brew it. The consistency of this beverage is usually cloudy, although some types of beer (like wheat beers) can be hazy. The mixture is boiled and fermented over some time. Finally, the beer is bottled or kegged and ready to be enjoyed. Beer is best served cold in a glass specifically designed for the type of beer you’re drinking. Pint glasses are the most common type of glass, but there are also glasses for specific types of beer, like wheat beers or stouts. Across our managed publishers, we see millions of Beer searches each month. This provides a unique opportunity for companies that sell Beer like liquor shops as well as companies wishing to promote products that are served alongside Beer or wanting to reach the Beer drinking demographic.

Recipe Targeting is in our DNA
Since 2008, we’ve been the global leader in Recipe Targeting solutions online and it’s in our DNA. Not only was our founder a professional chef, but the entire Gourmet Ads team is made up of passionate foodies and food bloggers. Gourmet Ads can deliver Recipe Targeting across publisher content in Real Time as well as via Audience Segments in our Ad Server or yours via various DMP and DSP Integrations. No other company has the depth in Recipe Targeting that we do.

Reach Beer Shoppers
We offer the ability to either advertise on pages next to Beer products or to people who have previously looked at Beer products in the past. We know that people looking at Beer online are likely about to go and buy Beer. Moreover, we offer similar targeting solutions like water advertising, tequila advertising, vodka advertising, etc. to reach more beer shoppers online.

Beer Targeting Solutions

Realtime Beer Targeting
Our Realtime Beer Targeting option allows an advertiser to run their advertising next to a Beer website as the shopper looks at the page. This is the ultimate solution for Beer products. We can run this targeting across our own managed supply and via audience extension.

Beer Audience Targeting
Our Beer Audience Targeting options allows an advertiser to run their advertising targeting people who have recently looked at Beer Recipes and Products. This offers significantly larger scale than our Realtime Targeting option.

Popular Beer Searches
We see a wide range of Beer based searches and content across our publishers. There are literally millions of Beer searches each month. The top twenty Beer searches we see include;

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