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Maximize Brand Lift with Pre Roll Video Advertising

Online video advertising is the ultimate in brand advertising and Gourmet Ads provides advertisers the ability to run Video Advertising campaigns before cooking videos to our largely female audience.

Our team manages video advertising opportunities across selected food, cooking and recipe sites, aggregated together to reach potential customers where they’re most likely to engage with them. Consumers seeking cooking related videos are eager to learn how to make dishes or even perfect their own culinary skills. People are taking their laptops into the kitchen and making recipes while watching the video online. As such advertising before cooking videos is key for CPG / FMCG advertisers like food companies, supermarkets and other endemic advertisers.

Gourmet Ads Pre-Roll offering is a in-stream video advertisement played before cooking video content is played. We allow video advertising to range from 5 seconds through to 30 second for pre-roll, which can be accompanied by a 300×250 companion banner ad. Companion ads offer viewers the ability to click-through to the campaign landing page.

Gourmet Ads provides Linear Video Advertising  Solutions

Gourmet Ads provides advertisers the latest industry leading targeting solutions. As such all Video Advertising Campaigns can utilize targeting like Geo Targeting, Retargeting and Demographic Targeting options to ensure you reach your target market each and every time.

Manage your Video Advertising Campaign and monitor your success. Our reporting dashboard provides detailed campaign results; in addition our tools enable you to optimize campaign performance in real time through refined reporting.

Our ad serving is VAST 2.0 compatible and prefer third party tags for trafficking.

Video Pre Roll Demo

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