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What are Programmatic Guaranteed Deals?

Programmatic Guaranteed Deals, often referred to simply as “Programmatic Guaranteed,” are a type of Programmatic Advertising buying method where an advertiser agrees in advance to purchase a specific number of ad impressions (or a set amount of inventory) at a fixed price. Unlike other programmatic buying methods that rely on real-time auctions, Programmatic Guaranteed ensures that both the advertiser and the publisher have a predetermined agreement about the inventory, its price, and the volume.

Key characteristics of Programmatic Guaranteed Deals

  • Fixed Pricing: The price of the inventory is set and agreed upon in advance, ensuring predictability for both parties.
  • Reserved Inventory: Publishers commit to delivering a specific amount of inventory or impressions to the advertiser, making it a priority transaction.
  • Assured Impressions: Advertisers are guaranteed a certain number of impressions, eliminating the uncertainties of the auction-based buying processes.
  • Streamlined Workflow: The process is more straightforward than open auction methods since the terms are predefined, leading to a reduction in manual processes and discrepancies.

What DSPs support Programmatic Guaranteed Deals?

In the dynamic realm of programmatic advertising, many of the leading Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) now offer comprehensive support for Programmatic Guaranteed Deals. This adaptation mirrors the industry’s emphasis on achieving both security in placements and precision in targeting. As Programmatic Guaranteed Deals rise in importance, they are becoming integral in shaping contemporary digital ad strategies. Key platforms championing this approach include Xandr Invest, DV360, The Trade Desk, Amazon DSP, Basis DSP, Adobe Advertising Cloud, Criteo, Adform, StackAdapt, Yahoo DSP, Adelphic, Amobee, Adroll, Choozle, Quantcast, Roku, Beeswax, and Simpli.fi. Each of these platforms has refined its offerings to accommodate the nuances and benefits of Programmatic Guaranteed Deals, showcasing their commitment to this valuable buying method.

The Benefits of Buying Programmatic Guaranteed Deals?

Programmatic Guaranteed Deals offer a unique set of advantages tailored to meet the specific needs of advertisers who prioritize assurance, quality, and efficiency. Here are the primary benefits of leveraging Programmatic Guaranteed in your advertising strategy:

  1. Predictability and Security: With guaranteed impressions at a fixed price, advertisers can plan their campaigns with more confidence. The locked-in agreement provides security against market fluctuations or increased competition for premium inventory.
  2. Premium Placement Assurance: Programmatic Guaranteed often grants access to high-quality, premium ad slots. This ensures brands can showcase their message in the best possible environments, often leading to better engagement and return on investment.
  3. Reduced Wastage: By directly securing inventory, advertisers can eliminate the risk of under-delivery or spending on less desirable placements. This ensures budget is used more effectively and can drive better results.
  4. Streamlined Operations: Without the complexities of real-time bidding, the buying process is simpler and more direct. This can lead to reduced operational overhead and fewer discrepancies between parties.
  5. Better Brand Safety: With the ability to handpick premium inventory slots, advertisers have more control over where their ads appear, reducing the risk of association with undesirable content.
  6. Improved Audience Targeting: Many Programmatic Guaranteed Deals allow for advanced audience targeting capabilities. This ensures the right message reaches the right audience, further optimizing campaign effectiveness.
  7. Consistent Performance Metrics: The predictability of this buying method provides consistent and reliable performance metrics. Advertisers can gauge campaign success more accurately, facilitating better decision-making in future campaigns.

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