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First Look at Inventory

First Look at Inventory

First Look at Inventory gives buyers priority to buy

First Look at Inventory is basically a process which can help you win more inventory before other DSPs and agency trading desks in our Private Ad Exchange.  First Look means that you are given the opportunity to buy display inventory which a publisher (i.e. Gourmet Ads) offers to you, and if you have no use for it, it can be sold onto another ad network.

First Look at inventory is all about prioritisation. In the Gourmet Ads Private Exchange, First Look means that you (the advertiser) can get a first look at a user after our premium ad campaigns have been served.

How Important is First Look at Inventory?

  • First Look at Inventory is important in establishing a mutual trust between publisher and advertiser.
  • As the advertiser is treated with priority when it comes to buying this inventory, the concept offers a form of exclusiveness.
  • First Look allows advertisers to get an advanced view of the inventory available before their competitors, which allows them better strategic control over other ad networks out there.
  • By seeing inventory before anyone else you are given knowledge about data, its value, and bids before they have even taken place.

A Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform acts as a mediator for First Look at Inventory and many other digital media exchanges. Our ad exchange marketplace allows advertisers to buy inventory, but First Look ensures exclusivity to a select few.

As First Look at Inventory is exclusive to the buyer, we do charge a premium to use this service. Whereas standard RTB platforms offer inventory only to the highest bidder, First Look allows you to view the information before you decide to purchase. This means that you can have a heads up on the competition and could even mean that you save yourself from spending money on high bids in the bidding environment.

To keep track of impressions, we suggest capping your ad campaign’s frequency to 1/24 or 2/24. This means 1 or 2 views of an advert per visitor over the space of 24 hours. Capping the frequency of your ad also means that it can reach more people elsewhere rather than just reaching the same consumer over and over again, thus creating a much more productive ad campaign.

If you don’t find the inventory to be relevant or contextually right for your campaign, you don’t have to buy it. By adding these restrictions to your ad campaigns, you are able to make an informed decision about your First Look at Inventory.

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