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Chains adjust their Fast Food Marketing Strategies to suit consumer habits

Over the last decade, a significant change has been made to the fast food industry. Convenient fast food places are emerging more than ever before to cater for an ever busy population, with products at very low prices. As such, Fast Food Marketing strategies had to change.

McDonalds is a chain that has particularly adjusted to suit its consumers over the years. Fast food marketing took on a whole new level when McDonalds started advertising its sister franchise “McCafe”. This cafe-style coffee shop strongly caters for those who just want to grab a quick cup of coffee. McCafe’s focus is on the drinks aspect more than food and, like McDonalds, prices are still kept low to appeal to more people.

Another emerging trend in the newer market is the healthier fast food options that are being served at fast food chains. With the addition of salads and fruit pots on the menu, fast food chains are now ensuring that people can have the “healthy option” available, even if they don’t choose it! Food Marketing can now relish the fact that fast food doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy food – it can just mean food for the customer’s convenience.

Another fast food marketing technique that has emerged is the idea of promoting fast food online. Online promotion of fast food may include viral videos such as the “Braille Burger” idea presented by Wimpy, where burger buns were painstakingly decorated with sesame seeds so that each bun was a description of the burger – these were served to blind customers and filmed – their video reactions went viral. As well as viral videos, display (banner) advertising, infomercials, over the page ads and various other types of digital media have also been known to effectively advertise and promote fast food.

Although there tends to be a lot of negativity surrounding fast food, using different fast food marketing techniques where healthier products are promoted or where your brand is seen to benefit the customer (such as the Wimpy viral ads) can present your brand in a different light. If you care about the health and well being of the customer, show it in your ads – they’ll feel important and know that you care.

Fast Food Marketing using Display Advertising can provide large reach for brands

If fast food marketing still seems like a big leap or you’re not sure where to start, then Gourmet Ads can help you create responsible and effective advertising campaigns. Not only can you choose some reliable advertising techniques, Gourmet Ads will also help you on your way onto becoming a well known and therefore well-established brand name.

Brand names that are better known have a certain amount of extra credibility, so once your brand has been properly established, your sales should be affected and popularity of your company and products should also start to show an increase. Gourmet Ads can can create effective campaigns for your fast food marketing to bring in actual sales conversions.

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