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Ad Network on the Media Plan

Ad Network on the Media Plan

Benefits of using a Vertical Ad Network like Gourmet Ads

Some advertisers only purchases advertising with websites directly and haven’t worked with ad network like Gourmet Ads before. Using a Vertical Ad Network like Gourmet Ads to purchase media for online advertising campaigns does deliver many benefits for advertisers.

So we thought we’d highlight some of the specific benefits of working with an Ad Network opposed to working with on a site specific basis.

  • Efficiently Priced Inventory
  • Beyond the Banner Placements
  • Low Duplication Rates
  • Audience & Reach
  • Website Transparency
  • Combination of Display & Content Integration
  • Quality of Content
  • Top Level Domains Only
  • Reporting 24/7 bestessay uk
    via Control Panel
  • Value Additions

Is there an Ad Network on your Media Plan to reach Grocery Buyers ?

If you’re a food or supermarket brand there isn’t a better placed network to reach your target audience, then Gourmet Ads. We maintain an extensive network of quality food and recipe websites (including Owned and Operated sites) where brands can execute a range of advertising solutions.

We’d very much like to have a conversation about what we can deliver endemic and non endemic advertisers.So next time you’re developing a Media Plan, make sure you RFP Gourmet Ads and we’ll show you just what Gourmet Ads can do.

Download the Gourmet Ads Media Kit and why not try the Gourmet Ads, Ad Network on your next Media Plan.

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Gourmet Ads is a food advertising network which helps brands reach the grocery buyer online through premium and high visibility ad solutions on a CPM basis.


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