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Stop Advertising in Food Magazines

Magazine advertising used to be an excellent way to market to readers around the world. Unfortunately for magazine companies, the internet has radically changed how businesses connect with their online customer base. Magazines simply aren’t cutting it anymore– and it’s quite likely that magazine advertising will drop even further in the next few years.

So why exactly is magazine advertising not worth someone’s time? Let’s break down five reasons why food magazine advertising simply isn’t worth it anymore.

5 Reasons You Should Stop Advertising in Food Magazines

While there are many reasons to avoid advertising in food magazines, these top five picks are the most glaring reasons to avoid magazine advertising.

Expensive Cost Per Thousand

For food and wine brands that purchase advertising, magazine advertising is considered one of the most expensive ad channels to pursue. The plus side of this is that food magazines tend to reach cooks and home grocery buyers that are often part of food brands’ target market, and also target people in waiting rooms, offices, etc. Unfortunately, you’re going to be paying for the ads that are not seen as well, which can get very pricey.

Magazine Ads are Not Really Targeted

When comparing magazine ads to Gourmet Ads’ deep contextual solutions for brands that are advertising food, it’s clear that our technology allows food businesses the ability to advertise next to relevant recipes on thousands of publications. If you’re advertising cheese, your ad will show up on cheese blogs or cheese recipe pages. With magazine ads, your advertisements are reserved for one page, and you usually have no control over what your ad is placed next to.

The Subscriber Demographics That Buy Cooking Magazines are Aging

In most cases, the age group that buys magazines is women over the age of fifty. Magazines aren’t reaching younger audiences anymore. There are many reasons for this. Namely, younger people just aren’t interested in having to spend money to purchase magazines when there is similar entertainment available online for free, especially on food blogs and major recipe websites.

It’s Impossible to Tell if Food Magazines are Working

When it comes to food magazine advertising, there is no way to determine exactly how many people are being exposed to one’s ads. It’s also impossible to measure how many people are clicking and converting since there is no clicking involved in reading a magazine. Gourmet Ads provides a digital alternative to magazine advertising and provides insightful conversion data fully, transparently, and with incredible ease.

Very Long Lead Times

Usually, the lead time for a food magazine is about four months. That’s an incredibly long lead time with very low flexibility, which is common with this sort of advertising. Alternatively, with Gourmet Ads, we make it possible for our clients to change creatives throughout their campaigns. In some cases, every aspect of the campaign is changed before it is complete. We believe this type of control over one’s digital advertising campaigns makes all the difference when it comes to launching successful ad campaigns that convert.

Are you still stuck on whether or not cooking magazines are worth advertising on? Get in touch with Gourmet Ads today and download our media kit. We’re confident that with a little bit of insight into the world of digital marketing for food and wine companies, you’ll be more than ready to transition to digital advertising for your business.