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Persuasive Advertising

When a business or brand launches a new product, the most significant initial goal is to pull in potential customers to trial or demo the product. Different brands will use different forms of advertising and marketing to do so. Gourmet Ads has run millions of food advertising creatives for thousands of food brands worldwide since 2008. We decided to highlight a few recent Food Advertisement Examples to demonstrate the types of advertising we see in Gourmet Ads. One popular way to advertise is through persuasive advertising.

But what exactly is persuasive advertising, and when is it ideal to use? Let’s take a look.

What is Persuasive Advertising?

Persuasive advertising is a form of product promotion that seeks to persuade a potential customer to purchase a specific product, usually when presented with several different similar products in the same product category. Persuasive advertising not only seeks to encourage a trial purchase but also seeks to coax potential consumers into adding the brand to their “consideration set” or customer loyalty.

Marketing professionals will use this type of advertising to generate demand for their new items or services, as well as to increase the demand for their product or service in that preexisting marketing.

Persuasive Techniques in Advertising

One common form of persuasive advertising is the comparative approach. This approach involves a brand demonstrating its authority over other brands in the same product category. In other circumstances, persuasive advertising can be used to convince a group of potential customers about the qualities of a product, usually through ads that thoroughly explain and demonstrate the effectiveness of the product. Testimonials are another popular form of persuasive advertising, from both experts and influencers.

Persuasive Advertising Examples

Here are a few examples of persuasive advertising copy in action:

“XYZ Pharmaceuticals understands the need for effective and safe medication for a lower price. In an age where having health insurance can be difficult, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of medication for a low price, from insulin to decongestant to asthma medication. Just take a look at how our generic versions of medicine compare to big brands. That’s an almost 200% markup. Why pay so much for medication when you can save big with XYZ Pharmaceuticals?”

“Get an XYZ Auto insurance quote today and start saving immediately. Buy online and enjoy insurance bundles, home insurance coverage, condo insurance coverage, and even renter’s insurance. We make getting coverage easy– just look at these screenshots of our app. Three clicks and you’ve successfully applied! When has applying for health insurance ever been so simple? Now you can spend more time doing the things you love– not dealing with complex paperwork.”

“XYZ Burgers’ 100% turkey patties have 40% less fat, 30% fewer calories, and all the great taste of your favorite beef burgers. You don’t have to sacrifice your health for great flavor. XYZ  Burgers uses an ultra-secret formula to pump our patties full of flavor without adding any trans fat, cholesterol, or other not-so-great things to our meat. Our turkey burgers come from farm-raised, grain-fed, and free-range turkeys.”

As you can see, persuasive advertising is very simple and involves being able to effectively communicate the value of your product to your customer.