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Local Advertising

How can Programmatic Advertising can drive results for Local Advertising.

Local Advertising is important for all types of businesses—especially supermarkets and the grocery brands that are on the shelf. Check out these tips for reaching your local customers…

Why old-school local advertising doesn’t work

Advertisers have lots of methods to choose from for local advertising. In fact, there are plenty of methods that have been used for a long time, like bus shelter ads, bus stop ads, subway stations, and billboards. All of these put the advertisements close to the place where you so your products.

And that seems like a smart way to go. But the truth is, people who see those ads probably already know where your store is and what you offer. So as far as ROI on your lead conversions, they are kind of a waste of money.

Digital local advertising, on the other hand, can reach people who may live in the area around your store, but who have not yet visited. Additionally, the advertising locations mentioned above require that the people you are trying to target are going to be at those specific, physical locations.

Using Programmatic Advertising for Local Advertising

You may be under the impression that online advertising is for reaching general audiences. But that’s not the case. You can actually narrow down your ads to only show people the specific geographical area that you target. With the rise of digital marketing and increased competition, businesses must use various types of advertising techniques to efficiently reach local customers. Businesses that want to market themselves in their local areas can benefit greatly from agency holding companies. These companies may assist businesses to target their ads to certain audiences by utilizing their experience in programmatic advertising. They do this by using information on demographics, interests, and online behavior to make sure that the proper people are seeing the ads. Asking the right media planning questions might assist in identifying the target audience.

Using Programmatic Advertising technology can help you reach people in local areas at home or via Mobile devices. In fact, Local Advertising Targeting can be done down to the DMA (US Metro area) or Zip Code Targeting in Campaigns.

Now, instead of hoping that your prospective customers will see her at a bus stop or subway station, you can rest assured that they can see it wherever they go. That’s because most people bring their mobile devices with them everywhere. So when your ads are on mobile, you have the greatest potential of reaching customers during a time when they are receptive to viewing information.

And it’s not just about targeting specific locations. It’s also about customizing the creative elements of your advertising on a local basis so that it appeals to people on a more personal level. For instance, you can incorporate the following elements into your digital local advertising:

  • Other local brands
  • A localized logo for your business
  • Street addresses that show customers you are, in fact, local
  • Photos taken in your community, with landmarks that would only be recognizable by locals
  • Photos of the real people who work at your business, and who people in your community know

The right way to do Local Advertising

The idea is to make your ads feel like they were created just for the 500 people in a particular local area or neighborhood, and not for the national audience. Following the tips above are great start. Another thing you can do is provide local coupons and specials.

This is the case even if you have multiple locations. You should be making a local campaign for each of your locations, and make their click-through URLs go to the actual store location page, and not your generic homepage.

These kinds of things make your prospective customers feel like you are speaking directly to them. After all, everyone likes to feel noticed and special.

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