Hispanic Marketing

If your target audience is people of Hispanic descent, knowing how to market appropriately is key– especially if you’re a food and wine business.


There are sizable opportunities for Hispanic marketing in the food sector, and it’s quite simple to reach these users in the USA.

It is a good practice to include Hispanic talents in your marketing campaigns, including music and visual imagery. It is also wise to include authentic Hispanic culture in your ads– 88% of Hispanic consumers who view digital ads will pay attention to ads that include aspects of their culture, regardless of language.

Hispanic vs Latino: Key Differences to Consider

Latino and Hispanic are not interchangeable terms. Hispanic refers to people who speak the Spanish language or are descended from Spanish-speaking nations. Latino, on the other hand, specifically refers to people who are from or descended from people in Latin America.

As such, to market to Hispanic people would be to market to people who speak Spanish rather than specific people from Latin American countries like Peru or Puerto Rico.

Using Spanish Language in Digital Advertising

Because we are marketing towards Spanish speakers specifically, it is definitely worth making sure your ad copy is in Spanish. In some cases, using both English and Spanish copy may be preferable. If a majority of your products are targeted towards Spanish speaking people, you may want to consider a Spanish-language website as well.

Bicultural audiences are a part of the Hispanic demographic, so opting for “Spanglish” could also be ideal.

Reaching Hispanic Audiences

Reaching Hispanic consumers online is not too difficult of a task. The best way to reach audiences is by targeting specific geographical areas with large Hispanic populations (which we’ll cover in our next section) and taking advantage of Spanish or Mexican online recipes.

A huge aspect of food and grocery marketing involves getting food ads to people who want them when they want them. If someone is reading a recipe for paella, placing an ad for one of the ingredients (such as white rice or saffron) would be the most logical direction to go in.

States to Target for Hispanic Marketing


There are a number of areas of the United States to target for digital Hispanic advertisements. These states have the highest percentage of Hispanic and Latino peoples:

  • New Mexico – 48.5%
  • Texas – 39.1%
  • California – 38.9%
  • Arizona – 30.9%
  • Nevada – 28.5%
  • Florida – 24.9%
  • Colorado – 21.3%
  • New Jersey – 20%
  • New York – 19%
  • Illinois – 17%

It may be worth using programmatic advertising to target these areas in order to reach a broader Hispanic audience.

Gourmet Ads for Hispanic Advertising Solutions

As a reputable ad network committed to food and wine advertising, Gourmet Ads is an excellent solution to advertising to Hispanic consumers in the cuisine industry. We’ve created a platform that makes it extremely simple and painless for website owners to monetize their websites around the world, especially in Spanish-speaking areas. We also provide brands and their ad agencies an all-in-one area to activate and get the attention of food and grocery consumers.

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