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Affinity Audiences

Alternatives to Affinity Audiences in DV360

Affinity Audiences are groups of people that are placed in predefined buckets of general interests in Google DV360. These audiences are created based on browsing and search history. Basically, the feature helps you to target only the audiences that have a strong interest in the category your product or service falls into.

Affinity audience goes by a couple of other terms, including audience targeting and audience segmentation. This article covers what exactly those terms mean, as well as effective alternatives to using Affinity Audiences for your advertising.

Take a look at how you can benefit from this concept with an approach that is more specific to food and beverage industries…

Audience targeting and audience segments

Audience targeting means reaching people based on their specific interests as they browse websites. This is accomplished with digital advertising. When done properly, segmenting an audience allows you to customize your advertisements in ways that give you the highest chance to convert leads. That’s because that’s the work best are those that speak to a very specific need for a particular type of individual.

You see, many factors make up the success of a display advertising campaign. And making sure you target the right audience segment is a big one. Although many have found that Affinity Audiences works well, there are other options that can actually be even more effective and cost-efficient if you’re working in a specific industry.

Alternatives to Affinity Audiences

An alternative that we provide to Affinity Audience is Gourmet Ads own First Party Data Audience Segments. These audience segments are ideal for:

  • Food ad campaigns
  • Supermarket ad campaigns
  • Beverage ad campaigns
  • Kitchen ad campaigns

These data segments can be used to improve the results of private marketplace (PMP) deal IDs associated with your gourmet ads inventory or used uncoupled in your own demand side platform (DSP) or data management platform (DMP).

And you can integrate our audience segments to work through DV360, Oracle, Adobe Marketing Cloud, AppNexus, and others.

Gourmet Ads First Party Data Audience Segments

Here’s the thing, most of your prospective customers likely fall into one primary category. For instance, maybe you sell cookware for consumers. It can seem like it’s only one segment, but the truth is most businesses have smaller segments within the broader category they serve.

So within cookware for cookes, you may select specialty tools for specific cuisines. That means you may want to segment your audience into tools for Italian cooking or tools for Thai cooking. And this is how you really sell your products or services. Because people typically are looking for something generic; they’re looking for something that specifically helps their problem or serves the goals they are trying to reach.

Let the Gourmet Ads team walk you through all the options available to ensure that your Food, Supermarket, Beverage or Kitchen campaign has the best possible combination of Premium Guaranteed Inventory, First Party Data, and Programmatic elements.