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Advertising your Amazon Store

At Gourmet Ads, we run many ad campaigns that drive consumers to our clients’ websites, eCommerce sites, or social media profiles.

But what about bypassing your eCommerce store entirely to send consumers straight to your Amazon store?

As Amazon continues to dominate the eCommerce world, many brands are opting to sell their items on Amazon to cover more sales channels. Let’s consider some advantages to advertising your Amazon storefront.

What is an Amazon Storefront?

An Amazon storefront is a shop that brands can set up on Amazon’s platform. Storefronts are also known as Brand Stores. They are hosted by Amazon and make it easier for consumers to shop specific catalogs of different brands that they enjoy.

In general, an Amazon storefront looks a lot like any DTC website out there. It makes it possible for sellers and vendors to sell their products and value proposition through the Amazon platform.

In addition to selling via your Amazon storefront, brands can also use their storefronts to promote new products, improve brand awareness and loyalty, upsell, and take traffic away from competitors. Setting up a storefront is free and available to any registered brand out there.

But what exactly are the advantages of advertising one’s Amazon store instead of their actual eCommerce store? Essentially, it comes down to the power Amazon has over consumers and the opportunities Amazon presents to brands.

What are the advantages for the brand?

There are many benefits to directing your ads to your Amazon store or product page. To start, you’re opening a new channel to potentially target a new target market. So many people shop on Amazon, so the opportunity is definitely there.

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about advertising on Amazon itself. Rather, we’re talking about programmatic targeted advertising on blogs, search result pages, websites, social media, etc. The point is that you can opt to advertise your Amazon storefront in addition to (or instead of) your eCommerce website. In our experience, we’ve found that our clients received an outpouring of new sales just from focusing on advertising their Amazon product pages or Amazon store fronts.

What at the advantages for the consumer?

Consumers definitely benefit from being sent to brands’ Amazon storefronts. To start, they are already very used to buying on Amazon, since it dominates the eCommerce market so heavily.

Just as well, most consumers have an Amazon Prime membership. This membership is relatively inexpensive and provides free, fast shipping on most items sold on the platform. Since so many people have Amazon Prime, it makes sense why they would want to make most of their consumer goods purchases on the platform.

How to Set Up an Amazon Storefront

If you haven’t yet set up an Amazon shop, now is the time to give it a shot. Setting up a shop is easy if you follow these quick steps:

  1. Review your eligibility for Amazon Brand Registry.
  2. Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry. This might take a few days to get approved. You’ll need your official brand name, registered trademark number, your manufacturing and distributing country, and product categories.
  3. Design your storefront via Seller Central. We recommend keeping things simple and easy to navigate, especially if you sell a wide range of products.
  4. Submit your store for review. This may also take a few days to get approved.
  5. Once your store has been approved and is live, you can start adding products to your inventory.

Now that your storefront is live, it’s time to start advertising your Amazon store and products.

Targeting Amazon Consumers with Gourmet Ads

At Gourmet Ads, we can handle any targeting technique of your choice– including Amazon shopper targeting. We use a wide range of targeting techniques to direct consumers right to where they are already used to shopping. We can use Contextual Target, Recipe Targeting or Audience Segments and more !

Just as well, we can run ads to your main storefront as well as individual product pages. Gourmet Ads can also run multiple types of creatives. By advertising your Amazon storefront with Gourmet Ads, we’ll be able to help you reach multiple target audiences across multiple channels. This type of targeted advertising works!

Gourmet Ads: Revolutionize Your Amazon Strategy

Since 2008, Gourmet Ads has excelled in Digital Advertising for Food, Beverage and Supermarket brands. As a Verified Amazon Ads Partner, we’re here to elevate Amazon Sellers.

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