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Advertising to Teens is Challenging!

Advertising to Teens is a challenge as they are a more volatile and slightly more unpredictable group of consumers. Aged between 12 to 17 years old, teens whilst having limited income, have one of the highest rates of disposable income. Impulse buys, trends and fast-changing fads often have an impact on the way that teens make purchases and advertisers need to be aware of this and opt for different advertising techniques to expand their campaign’s reach. Therefore, food blog advertising for teens should get special attention.

For a lot of teenagers (especially girls) these are the ages where they begin baking and experimenting with cooking. There are so many advertising strategies that have proven successful techniques in grabbing teenagers’ attentions, and authentic branding is crucial here. Let your demographic know who you are and stay to your brand and its values.

Creating a human connection is important, and if the target audience feel like they are being treated with importance, they will inevitably develop a sense of loyalty to your brand and feel like you are a trustworthy and credible company.

When Advertising to Teens – Make it Relevant !

Acting as if you are ‘down with the kids’ won’t do anything for your credibility. However, if you research the teen market thoroughly you will be able to appreciate that teens are very social media savvy. Teens have plenty of accessibility to handheld digital devices and social media sites on the go and so are practically always reachable. Social networking advertising is a great way to connect more personally with your audience.

Gourmet Ads has a great range of websites and a robust social media presence. It’s these sorts of sites that are frequented by teenage girls as they seek out recipes and cooking ideas. Gourmet Ads also appreciate the importance of social media presence on the web in order to reach out to newer audiences – right then and there. Teens are a tech savvy market and using excitement, celebrities, the idea that they might be missing out or the “cool” factor can truly reach out to a younger demographic. Keep it fun and light and you will expand your target demographic into advertising to teens group as well!