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70% Viewability

If you are programmatic advertiser, you probably already know that your campaign Viewability metrics are a key performance indicator. There is no doubt that Viewability goes hand in hand with performance. When implementing retargeting ideas & remarketing ideas in your campaigns, viewability is an essential consideration to take into account. To achieve high viewability, you must choose the right ad format, optimize ad placement, use ad targeting, and optimize ad creatives. This article covers why viewability is important, how to achieve 70% Viewability and the importance of striving for better than 70% Viewability.

Here’s what you need to know…

Why Viewability is Important

If no one can see your ads, then they are never going to perform both from either a branding perspective or click / conversion perspective. Don’t forget, you still pay for non-viewable impressions, so it’s essential to make them effective. Viewability can be impacted by a number of elements, such as ad placement, ad format, and user behavior when it comes to Retargeting vs Prospecting in marketing. For this reason, it’s important to adopt a comprehensive approach when measuring and optimizing your ad campaigns.

What Impacts 70% Viewability?

There are many problems that impact viewability and despite having a consistent measurement via MRC standard, different measurement vendors rate viewability differently. Apart from auto optimizing via an algorithm, things you’ll want to manually consider tweaking to maximize viewability include

  • Size of Banner Ads
  • Device Type
  • Screen size / Resolution
  • Browser Type
  • Placement on the page
  • File Size

The importance of striving for better than 70%

70% Viewability is actually just a suggested benchmark for minimum viewability. Looking a hundreds of campaigns, across hundreds of creatives, we’ve seen the best performance a few points higher around 72-74%. It’s where you need to be in order to be successful and get performance. Its important that once achieved, you should start dialing up your benchmark and striving for 75% or even 80% Viewability.

Gourmet Ads & 70% Viewability

Leveraging machine Learning and Data Science, we can guarantee to deliver 70% Viewability by the use of our Smart Deals logic for programmatic buyers, irrespective of the DSP. We can set the exact % in the deal setup. For example if you need to achieve 74% we can set this exactly. Then we optimize towards Viewability in Realtime and in most cases we’ll deliver over the percentage set.