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Segmentation Targeting

Segmentation Targeting

Segmentation Targeting are pre-defined Segments developed by Gourmet Ads

Gourmet Ads serves tens of millions of ads per month and we’re continually optimizing campaigns so we believe we know a lot about our audience. We know what campaigns work on particular sites and how to get the best results for a particular client. As such we’ve developed Segmentation Targeting which allows us to target particular sites and/or audiences under an umbrella segment.

Some of the Segmentation Targeting we can provide for your campaign include;

  • Grocery Buyers
    Gourmet is known for Reaching Grocery Buyers online, but this segment is highly customized for an advertiser who only wants to reach the grocery buyer from the household.
  • Power Moms
    Our Power Moms targeting segment is great for reaching moms, who are known influential in their social network.
  • Coffee Lovers
    This is ideal if you want to reach a consumer who owns an espresso machine at home. This segment is perfect for coffee machine manufacturers or companies retailing coffee beans.
  • Gourmet Travellers
    There’s a great deal of evidence indicating that food lover’s travel to experience new culinary treats. Ideal for airlines, hotel companies and travel agents.
  • Men who Cook
    This isn’t just about grilling. This segment reaches men who enjoy cooking meals at home for the family.
  • Wine Fanatics
    Ranging from casual wine drinks through to those boasting large wine collections, our Wine Fanatics is just right for wine brands and wine retailers.
  • Restaurant Diners
    Our restaurant segment targets consumers that enjoy dining out at restaurants and cafes.

Segmentation Targeting paired with other targeting such as Geo Targeting provides great results for advertisers. We’re continually updating our targeting segments, ensuring that new sites are included in the segment. Contact Us for more information about using Segmentation Targeting on your next Advertising Campaign.

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