Targeting Women-Owned Publishers

If you’re in the world of online advertising, you already know that women-owned publishers are often undervalued opportunities. But they shouldn’t be.

As the digital buying power of women continues to grow, it’s more important than ever for advertisers to consider the growing influence of women. One way for marketers to do so is by targeting publisher websites that women own.

What Does Women-Owned mean?

Women-Owned is an attestation that 50% of ownership in a business belongs to women. And there are several categories of ownership, including stock ownership.

Keep in mind that when a PTD ranks a website as women-owned, it does not mean there are no men on the site. Instead, the website itself is owned by a woman.

Why is Women-Owned Targeting Needed?

Women-owned publishers attract female audiences in high numbers. By targeting these websites, marketers can inspire more women to buy products and services that help their families and communities.

You can also be sure that your advertising dollars are being used to support female-driven businesses.

Plus, targeting women-owned publishers gives you access to a large, engaged audience with tremendous buying power.

It’s no secret that women are driving digital growth. They account for about 75% of online purchases and control the lion’s share of household spending.

Women also represent the majority of mobile phone users, social networkers, and blog readers. So, a savvy marketer should take advantage of every opportunity to reach this growing audience.

The most popular sites owned by women have a broad range of topics. Of course, food, fashion, and entertainment are some of the most popular categories, but there is something for everyone on these sites. In short, the ad opportunities are diverse and well worth the money.

How Do We Classify Women-Owned Publishers?

To find out if a particular website is woman-owned, our publisher team investigates if a woman is serving as CEO or if the majority shareholders are women.

How Do Advertisers Target Women-Owned Publishers?

We supply women-owned publishers to programmatic buyers and also to our managed service offering.

There are two ways to target women-owned publishers through Gourmet Ads:

Targeting As a Programmatic Buyer

This approach is best for advertisers that are already buying programmatically and want to test performance based on women-owned publisher inventory.

We will provide your team with the Deal ID for targeting. Advertisers can also use the data segments we offer to power Deal IDs across the Gourmet Ads inventory. You can even uncouple these segments for use in other demand-side platforms.

Targeting Through Our Managed Services Offering

This method is best for advertisers who need more audience segmentation than is available in the programmatic market today.

Our first-party audiences provide you with the ability to reach customers based on contextual and inferred information.

You’ll get to choose from over 200 contextual targeting options in the Food & Drink category. We can also create custom targeting options for your brand.

Our team will work with you to understand your business goals and target audience. Then we’ll provide recommendations on which publishers fit best with your campaign objectives.

Let’s Get Started ! 

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