Targeting BIPOC Owned Publishers

What You Need to Know

The acronym BIPOC has appeared more often than not in the wake of George Floyd’s killing and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests.

Subsequently, there has been a call for major players in the advertising industry to take action. These include investing a large portion of the advertising budget in minority-owned media companies.

What Does BIPOC Mean?

BIPOC is the acronym for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

The term seeks to move away from such terms as minorities and marginalized, which were often inadequate and carried suggestions of inferiority.

BIPOC appears more respectful and has a sense of humanity. In addition, it highlights the desire to voice particular injustices faced by Blacks and other people of color.

What Does BIPOC Stand For?

Below is a full explanation of what BIPOC means.


An individual of African or Caribbean heritage is referred to as black.

There’s a general belief that the term African American is more courteous and acceptable, especially in the United States. But this isn’t always the case.

Some Black individuals are not Americans, and others do not have African ancestors.

Some chose to define themselves by the country their ancestors came from, such as Jamaican Americans.


The term indigenous (as used in the U.S) refers to North America’s natives. Indigenous is a broad phrase that refers to all tribes of the continent’s original inhabitants.

Some examples of more specific terms include First Nations, Native Americans or American Indians and Alaska Natives, or Native Alaskans.

Because these terms are pretty encompassing, the use of the individual tribal names is always better when referring to one individual or a small group of people.

People of Color

People of Color is a broad word that refers to anyone who isn’t white. However, this phrase has been chastised for its scope, as it encompasses a wide variety of people as one category of “other.”

The term can be used on people from Mexico, East Asia, Black or African American, Pacific Islands, and South Asia.

What Are BIPOC Owned Publishers?

These are publishing companies owned by people of color or where the people of color hold the majority shareholding.

Why Is BIPOC Needed?

The word tries to bring the specific brutality, cultural erasure, and injustice that Black and Indigenous peoples face to the forefront. It emphasizes that not all people of color have the same experiences, especially regarding laws and institutional oppression.

BIPOC is also needed to promote diversity in the media, such as targeting BIPOC publisher websites to empower owners.

How Do We Classify BIPOC Owned Publishers?

We work with these publishers that have declared they are BIPOC owned. Our Publisher team investigates the declaration and determines inclusion into the category.

Our Publisher Management team then classifies the Publisher in this category and allows advertisers to target them.

How Do Advertisers Target BIPOC Owned Publishers?

Gourmet Ads offers BIPOC Owned Publishers targeting both Programmatic Buyers (Managed and Curated) and our Managed Services offering.

For Programmatic Advertisers, BIPOC Owned Publishers is activated via Deal IDs only. Our Managed Services can also add additional publisher sites to our managed domain targeting for additional scale.

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