English Language Targeting

English advertising refers to marketing efforts that target English Speaking populations of consumers. Advertising to English speaking audiences and targeting ads appropriately requires a couple of guidelines.

But is advertising to such a niche linguistic group (ie people who speak English) worth it in the food and wine industry? The English Language “niche” may be more substantial than you think.

English Language in Digital Advertising

There is a massive volume of English speaking people, nations, countries, and groups in the world. In the United States alone, there is a substantial population of people that are English-speaking consumers.

Top Global English-Speaking Populations

  1. United States – more than 225M speakers.
  2. India – 125M speakers.
  3. Pakistan – 94.3M speakers.
  4. Nigeria – 79.9M speakers.
  5. United Kingdom – 59.6M speakers.
  6. Philippines – 37.5M speakers.
  7. Canada – 28.36M speakers.

United States English-Speaking Populations

  1. California – the most populous state with English speakers.
  2. Texas – the second most populous state with English speakers.
  3. Florida – the third most populous state with English speakers.
  4. New York – the fourth most populous state with English speakers.
  5. Pennsylvania – the fifth most populous state with English speakers.
  6. Illinois – the sixth most populous state with English speakers.
  7. Ohio – the seventh most populous state with English speakers.

English Targeting in our Ad Server

There are two key considerations to bear in mind while advertising to English-speaking consumers:

  • Target users of computers and mobile devices who have “English Language” selected
  • Target people who are looking at website content that is in English

Combining these two targeting strategies will increase the audience you can reach. When it comes to the latter, in the context of food and wine marketing, you’ll want to target users who are viewing American or British food recipes. This is especially true if your product is listed as an ingredient in the particular recipe.

English Language Targeting with Gourmet Ads

At Gourmet Ads, we offer English Language Targeting in our Ad Server for both Managed Services and Programmatic Advertisers. English recipes are becoming more and more popular, and the internet has made it easier than ever to find outstanding real British and American recipes for a variety of cuisines. This is a perfect opportunity for English food and grocery manufacturers and e-commerce businesses to market their products online through programmatic advertising. And Gourmet Ads is the best advertising platform to do it. We’ll help you reach English food shoppers quickly and efficiently, when and where they want your products. We use real-time English recipe targeting to let advertisers run their ads on English recipe pages when users are actively viewing the page, which is one of the best solutions for food-based targeting.

Food Targeting Categories

Since 2008, Gourmet Ads has been the global leader in food-focused advertising, specializing in Contextual Targeting. Discover a wide range of Food Targeting Categories for your next advertising campaign or programmatic deals, including Alcohol, Beverage, Cuisine, Diet, Ingredient, Kitchen Appliances, Non-Endemic, Publisher, and Recipe Targeting. We ensure your brand resonates with an engaged, culinary-inclined audience, transforming advertising campaigns into deliciously successful endeavors. Experience Gourmet Ads—where your message meets the appetite of your desired market.

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