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Household Income Targeting

Household Income Targeting

Household Income Targeting allows Targeting by Income

As part of our Demographic Targeting feature on Gourmet Ads, advertisers can now target Household Income on campaigns with our Household Income Targeting option. This targeting option is ideal for any advertisers who are looking to target consumers with the total household income as the main metric for the campaign.

The level of household income can be a significant driver in relation to the making a purchase decision for a product. Household Income Targeting can target populations with higher or lower buying power. As such the 5 segments advertisers can target include;

  • $0-29K
  • $30-39K
  • $40-49K
  • $50-75K
  • $75K+

Examples of advertisers using Household Income Targeting for campaigns ;

  • Food Coupon company wanting to reach low income households
  • Gourmet Food company (ie truffles, caviar etc) wanting to reach high household incomes
  • Cereal company wanting to reach low to medium income households
  • Kitchen Appliances company wanting to reach an affluent consumer
  • Winery wanting to reach high worth individuals for their premium wine club
  • Automotive Company wanting to reach different income levels with different vehicles

Contact Us for more information about using Household Income Targeting on your next Advertising Campaign.

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