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Employment Level Targeting

Employment Level Targeting

Target Specific Areas & Regions with Employment Level Targeting

As part of our Demographic Targeting feature on Gourmet Ads, we have the ability to target areas depending on their unemployment level with Employment Level Targeting. Similar to Geo Targeting we can concentrate on reaching populations with higher or lower level of employment depending on the product being advertised. Using the median unemployment rates for US, there are 5 groups we can target against.

Employment Level Targeting options are either;

  • Highest unemployment (lowest employment level)
  • Lowest unemployment (highest employment level)

Although our Employment Level Targeting option is not used by many advertisers, it could be good for some industries. Areas of low employment would suit coupon advertisers and job websites. Areas of low unemployment would better suit real estate companies, car companies and big ticket items such as televisions. Don’t forget entertainment such as the theater and restaurants.

Contact Us for more information about using Employment Level Targeting on your next Advertising Campaign.

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