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Demographic Targeting

Demographic Targeting

Demographic Targeting your audience by using Demographic and Social Data

Gourmet Ads uses a combination of internal sources and reputable third party data sources to accurately target advertising campaigns to your target audience. As such we deliver the most precise demographic audience tailored to your campaign, maximizing your campaign performance.

For example using Demographic Targeting Data, Gourmet Ads could run your ad on sites that are visited by users who watch TV cooking shows during a typical week, users who have consumed Wine in the last 30 days or are the primary grocery shopper for the household.

No matter the data source, we regularly run campaigns using these commonly requested demographic targeting metrics either combined or stand-alone.

Examples of Demographic Targeting Data

Examples of our multiple data sources for demographically targeting audiences for your advertising campaign are as follows;

  1. Site by Site Characteristics
    During ad serving, Gourmet Ads collects non-personally-identifiable information (PII) throughout our sites to accurately target a particular demographic target audience.

  3. Comscore Demographic Overlay Data
    In conjunction with our ad serving partner Adify, our trafficking team uses Comscore’s independently collected demographic profile data, overlayed with our websites to ensure we are reaching the correct audience on each site in Gourmet Ads.

  5. Third Party Data Sources
    Not all campaign targeting metrics are available for all countries, so when required by an advertiser we’ll acquire third party data sources for the campaign to ensure we are reaching the correct demographic.

  7. US Census Data
    Within our ad server, Adify provides advertisers the ability to demographically target using US census data for the current year, down to the Zip Code Level. For each demographic metric, the US population is divided into five groups, each representing a segment of the US population.

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