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Frequency Capping

Frequency Capping

Avoid Banner Burnout by Frequency Capping Impressions

Frequency Capping is one of the best targeting options available at Gourmet Ads and is often overlooked by media buyers as a way of lifting Engagement Rates and Click Through Rates (CTR) of campaigns. There is no doubt that Frequency Capping avoids banner burnout, which is the point where visitors are being overexposed to a particular ad or campaign and response drops.

For those that don’t know, Frequency Capping allows the advertiser to limit the number of times an advertisement is seen in a given amount of time. However there are two types of Frequency Capping Gourmet Ads can place on your campaign.

The first is Frequency Capping the number of impressions a single user sees. A popular option used by media buyers is 3/24 which means that each user will see the ad 3 times every 24 hours. Other media buyers will use the option of 5/48 (5 impressions in a 48 hour period). We do this by using a cookie to prevent any further impressions being seen. For high visibility ad units, like Interstitials or Anchored Floating Ads we usually implement 1/24 (1 impression every 24 hours) or 1/48 (1 impression every 48 hours).

The second sort of Frequency Capping is implemented on a campaign basis, by limiting the number of impressions seen across all sites and is usually related to budget restrictions, opposed to restricting the number of impressions. We call this “Daily Impression Capping”. We’ll often have media buyers restrict advertising spending to just $2k per day or $5k. This method can have negative effects, as if you’ve spent your entire day’s budget in the morning, then your advertising doesn’t run in the afternoon.

Frequency Capping options include;

  1. Hourly
  2. Daily
  3. Weekly
  4. Monthly

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