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DayPart Targeting

Daypart Targeting

DayPart Targeting Reaches your Audience by the Time and Day of the Week

Daypart Targeting is a campaign targeting option which restricts the advertising to only run at a time of day when it’s most likely to reach and engage the target audience. By only delivering the campaign at relevant times of the day the campaign’s budget is maximized for most impact. DayPart Targeting can be used for both branding campaigns and direct response campaigns.

Gourmet Ads provides advertisers three different targeting options for Daypart Targeting;

Time of the Day
Time of the day targeting restricts the advertising campaign to be only displayed during the particular times of the day. The time of day options can be either the audience’s local time or a particular time zone. An example of DayPart Targeting – Time of the day might be to display the campaign from 9am to 9pm local time.

Day of the Week
Day of the Week targeting is where the advertising campaign is only displayed on whole days of the week.  An example of DayPart Targeting – Day of the Week might be to display the campaign from Monday to Friday only.

Time and DayPart Targeting
This is a combination of both Time of the Day and Day of Week targeting, allowing the advertiser to target a particular time and day in combination. i.e The campaign only run weekend afternoons from 1pm to 9pm.

Time and DayPart Targeting

DayPart Targeting is commonly used by advertisers on Gourmet Ads and here are some sample advertising campaigns ideas where DayPart Targeting works well;

  • Breakfast Cereals – running in the mornings from 6am – 10am
  • TV Shows – running the ads a few hours before the show is scheduled to be broadcast
  • Weekend Sales – all day Friday when people are planning the weekend
  • BBQ’s and Accessories – All day Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Restaurant Coupons – afternoons from 1pm encouraging dining out in the evening
  • Wines – running in the afternoon between 3pm – 9pm each day
  • Travel – on Fridays after people have had a tough week at work

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