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Bandwidth Targeting

Bandwidth Targeting

Bandwidth Targeting, targets audiences on fast or slow Internet Connections

Internet connection speeds are always increasing; however there is part of the population who still use dial up to connect to the internet. For users with slow connections, rich media ads have become a frustration and an annoyance.

Concurrently as internet connection speeds have dramatically increased, so have advertising creative. No longer are we serving simple banners anymore. Bandwidth Targeting allows advertisers to serve rich media ad or video to broadband users and lighter ads to the bandwidth-starved dial up users. Our trafficking team requires two sets of creative, a broadband set and a dial-up set. We then serve the appropriate creative depending on the speed.

We provide the following Bandwidth Targeting options;

  • Cable
  • Broadband
  • Dial-Up
  • Mobile
  • Satellite
  • T1
  • T3
  • XDSL

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