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Campaign Targeting

Campaign Targeting

Maximize Results with industry standard Campaign Targeting options

Gourmet Ads offers industry standard advertising Campaign Targeting options which can be used standalone or in conjunction with other targeting solutions to maximize campaign performance and overall ROI.

Gourmet Ads Campaign Targeting options include ;

  • Frequency Capping
    Limits the maximum number of impressions/views a visitor can see a specific ad or ad campaign within a period
    of time.
  • DayPart Targeting
    Target users by the time-of-day or time-of-week regardless of their local time zone.
  • Above the Fold
    Restrict your display ads to placements that appear completely on-screen (Above the Fold) regardless of the user’s
    web browser, monitor size, or screen resolution
  • Bandwidth Targeting (Connection Speed)
    Target demographics using slow connections like dial up or fast cable and broadband.
  • Web Browser Targeting
    Target users by their web browser or web browser versions. Main targeting options are Google Chrome,
    Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.
  • Language Targeting
    Serve ads in the right language depending on the installed language in their operating system or browser.

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