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Sequential Advertising

Sequential Advertising

Create deeper relationships with your audience by using Sequential Advertising

Advertisers looking to create a deeper relationship with their target audience may like to consider sequential advertising as a strategy for their next advertising campaign. Similar to roadblock advertising, Sequential Advertising is a tactic used to tell a story or to continue an advertising message through a user’s visit to a site or group of sites.

Unlike roadblock advertising where the messaging is consistent, sequential advertising is a series of messaging which on occasions rely on the audience seeing or engaging with previous advertisements. Basically each view, engagement or click with sequential messaging informs the next message sent to the consumer creating a deeper, unique, and compelling dialogue.

An example of a sequential advertising campaign could be with video in an island ad unit. When a viewer clicks to play the video it plays then stops with a call to action. If the user doesn’t click the call to action but goes to a 2nd page on the website, the island ad unit serves the next video in the sequential advertising campaign to continue the advertising story or key messaging. Concurrently every other ad unit is loaded with a static ad unit reinforcing the call to action.

Sequential Advertising performs well across the network

So apart from simply running sequential advertising across just one site, sequential advertising can be run across all sites in Gourmet Ads. Even if the users don’t visit the second and third sites in the one session, the user still can be served the entire sequence during the period of a campaign.

Sequential advertising campaign does require a little planning from a messaging perspective, however when implemented across Gourmet Ads, sequential advertising can be a very effective advertising tactic to gain engagement and consumers.

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