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Roadblock Advertising

Roadblock Advertising

Roadblock Advertising is effective for gaining Attention and Engagement

When advertisers and advertising agencies are tasked with reaching mass audiences online, many undertake Roadblock Advertising because it’s an effective way to gain user attention and engagement. When this is run across multiple sites concurrently, roadblock advertising provides a wide reaching media buy with similar metrics to those of TV media buy.

Roadblock Advertising allows advertisers to own 100% of voice for a given period, usually a day. In other words, an advertising campaign would run exclusively across all the advertising units on a page reinforcing the advertising message. Ideal for a brand or product launch when the aim is to gain brand awareness quickly.

Roadblock Advertising features;

  • 100% Share of Voice during the campaign period
  • Can be booked for a single date, multiple days or for a week
  • Runs multiple ads units
  • Uses Rich Media Creative
  • Large Ad Formats available

When undertaking roadblock advertising it is essential to develop a campaign where each ad unit works in concert to deliver a unique and powerful rich media advertising experience. As the ads are delivered concurrently, these coordinated ad placements can interact with each other in a myriad of ways and if the campaign is engaging and captivating the message will be clear.

Like all advertising solutions available on Gourmet Ads, roadblock advertising can be run with some or a number of our targeting options such as day-part targeting and Geo Targeting ensuring that you get the most out of your advertising budgets.

Roadblock Advertising Demo

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