Advertiser Objectives

This well-known regional wine association’s primary aim was to drive online awareness in the lead up to summer holiday, driving potential visitors to their website allowing people to plan their visit to the wine region. The campaign creative focused on individual wineries as well as the experiences you could have in the region. A variety of advertising creative was supplied some featuring wine bottles, others using grapes to capture attention on webpages.

Campaign Goals was twofold;

  • Drive Traffic to the Advertisers Website

  • Assist in Conversions of Brochure Downloads

Our Solution

We ran this Managed Services campaign for a period of 8 weeks. The campaign was targeted to a number of states on the East Coast of the USA. Two strategies were taken for the campaign;

Prospecting Campaigns
We ran a number of targeted line items as part of the campaign from “Wine based” Content ie  Wine Reviews through to Recipes featuring wine as an ingredient. We also leveraged 3rd party data aimed at the advertisers target demographic (M35-55 with $100k Household income)

Retargeting Campaigns
Our Retargeting Campaign focused on users that had visited the advertiser’s website and didn’t request a brochure (either downloadable or posted).

All Line Items had layered in 70% Viewability Targeting (based on Data Science and Machine Learning to predict the Viewability) which helped drive high Click Through Rates across the board.

The Results

Successfully reached their target of potential visitors for the advertiser.

  • Overall 0.22% CTR (Click Through Rate)

  • Retargeting Line Items saw a significantly higher CTR of 0.51%

  • Exceeded client’s expectations in terms of performance

Advertiser : Regional Wine Association 

Category : Wine Tourism 

Market : USA 

Client : Advertising Agency

Media Types : Display 

Execution : Managed Service 


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