Advertiser Objectives

There were 3 advertising goals for this national spice and seasoning company, these being;

  • increase awareness of their product

  • increasing the daily traffic on their website

  • increasing the number of users printing coupons

Our Solution

Gourmet Ads trafficked this campaign towards people that were the Primary or Secondary Household Grocery Buyer as well as contextually targeting recipes that used Herbs, Spices or Seasoning in the them. We also set a minimum of 70% Viewability in the Ad Server. The campaign run across Gourmet Ads Publishers together with hand selected Food Websites via our Audience Reach offering, bought programmatically. The campaign was run over 8 weeks and was capped to increase performance, and maximize reach. The campaign was geo targeted to US only.

Throughout the campaign we used a combination of automatic optimization as well as manual optimization to increase the CTR (click through rate), maximizing the return on investment.

The optimization included removing advertising creative that wasn’t performing and removing sites from the media plan where the click through rate was less than 0.3%.

The Results

  • Delivered an over campaign Click Though Rate of 0.38%

  • Increased brand awareness amongst their Primary Target of Grocery Buyers

  • Campaign exceeded client’s expectations in terms of performance (clicks and coupon prints)

  • Lowered acquisition costs over the duration of the campaign compared to CPC campaigns

Advertiser : Spice & Seasoning Company

Category : Ingredient

Market : USA

Media Types : Display

Execution : Managed Service

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