Advertiser Objectives

This campaign was for one of the world’s leading seafood companies and was booked by their in-house marketing department. There were multiple goals the advertiser wanted to acheive including ;

  • Drive a High ROAS during the Campaign Period
  • Increase Orders & Revenue of Key Products on Amazon Fresh
  • Increase Brand Awareness to the target audience of 25-54 years who are the primary grocery buyers and household cooks.

Our Solution

Gourmet Ads developed a Media Plan which focused on reaching Amazon customers at scale. Our Supply Side tactic was to run the campaign on, Amazon owned properties, Amazon Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM) and Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) + Gourmet Ads Managed Publishers.

Ad Creatives 

The advertiser created Display Ads showcasing their fresh seafood products with a Call to Action to shop now on Amazon Fresh. We added to these creatives by using Amazon’s Dynamic Creatives based off individual product pages. The Top Ten Creatives were 60% Amazon Dynamic Ads and 40% Advertiser designed Ad Creatives.

Landing Pages 

We A/B Tested various landing pages from Brand Pages through to Amazon Products Pages to test the best sales tactic. We found that their product pages consistently had the highest conversion rates over the campaign duration.

What is A/B Testing

It consists of creating two or more versions of a given piece of content, putting them in front of different audiences, and analyzing the results to see which performed better and why. A/B testing’s ultimate goal is to fully understand how a campaign performs in the real world and what factors can be changed to ensure its ultimate success.

Targeting Strategy

The Gourmet Ads Team leveraged Amazon’s first-party audience segments—targeting and optimizing to a combination of in-market, retargeting, contextual and lifestyle segments.

These segments were;

  • Targeting people who looked at their Product Pages on Amazon Fresh
  • Targeting audiences looking at 20+ competitor brands and product ASINs
  • Targeting people who buy Fresh Seafood at Whole Foods (In-store and online)
  • Targeting people who buy Fresh Meat at Whole Foods (In-store and online)
  • Targeting people who buy Fresh Produce on Amazon Fresh
  • Targeting people who buy Whole Foods Online
  • Targeting Amazon Fresh Lookalikes
  • Targeting people looking at Recipe Content, see Seafood Recipe Targeting.

The Results

  • Delivered ROAS of 6.88
  • CTR of 0.15%
  • Viewability of 81%
  • Cost Per Acquisition was under $10
6.88 ROAS - Return on Ad Spend

Advertiser : Seafood Company 

Category : Seafood Products 

Market : USA

Media Types : Display

Execution : Managed Service

Duration : 1 Month 

DSP : Amazon DSP

Let’s Get Started ! 

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