Advertiser Objectives

  • Reach people who are Prediabetic, Diabetic or Obese

  • Achieve a minimum of 70% Viewability (MREC)

  • Increase User Engagement

  • Reach a combination of Desktop and Mobile Users

  • Run a Direct to Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising Campaign

Our Solution

Given the Pharmaceutical Brand wanted to reach people who were Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic our strategy was to run across a combination of diabetic focused websites and individual pages which have diabetic content on them.

To achieve relevance and scale, Healthy Ads created a number of Programmatic Deals with different strategies based on Contextual Targeting relevance (Diabetes Audience Segment and Diabetic Content) and unhealthy carbohydrate foods (i.e fried foods, pasta, rice, breads etc). Contextual relevance was determined by using Healthy Ads First Party Data Segments.

All Programmatic Deals were based on our “Smart Deals” logic which are powered by Machine Learning and Data Science allowing us to set the actual desired Viewability percentage.

The Results

  • Successfully reached advertiser’s goal for on audience targeting

  • Exceed client’s expectations in terms of performance and engagement

  • Campaign continues to run past the initial campaign flight dates.

  • Overall Viewability over a 4-week period = 90.6%

  • Individual Deal Viewability ranges from 77.9% through to 91.4%

Advertiser : Pharmaceutical Brand

Category : Medical Advertisers 

Market : USA

Media Types : Display & Mobile

Execution : Programmatic via Deals 

Client : Agency Trading Desk (New York)

DSP : The Trade Desk