Advertiser Objectives

This Campaign was for a national cheese brand (owned by a global food company) and was booked by their advertising agency. The goals of this branding campaign were to increase awareness of their cheese product and demonstrate the wide variety of ways their product could be used. The brand wanted to reach a female audience aged between 25-54 years who are the primary grocery buyers and household cooks.

The advertiser and their agency created 15 video creatives and 15 display ads demonstrating the different ways their product could be used to increase product and brand awareness.

Our Solution

Gourmet Ads trafficked this national branding campaign across our two main food verticals of “Everyday Cooking” and “Gourmet Cooking.” In addition, we used Contextual Targeting to ensure content was a cheese recipe or a recipe that had cheese in it. We also set up Line Items using our own First Party Audience Segments of people who had looked a cheese recipes in the last 60 days.

In addition to the underlying targeting strategies, we also applied targeting to High Viewability for both the video and display units, and High Completion Rates for the Video creatives together with frequency capping of 3/24 (daily) and 10/lifetime (campaign) to ensure performance, whilst maximizing reach to as many users as possible.

Part of our manual optimization in regards to video, we identified the video creatives that were seeing the highest view through rate and ensured this was the first impression displayed for users. This increased the view rate throughout the campaign significantly.

We ran this Managed Services campaign across both Video Placements across Gourmet Ads Publishers, whilst running concurrently across handpicked food websites via our reach extension offering programmatically.

From day one we used Data Science and Machine Learning to predict the Viewability and Completion rate of an individual impression ensuring that both were 74% minimum, over time this over indexed, thus giving us the raised View Through Rate and Viewability Rate.

The Results

  • High Completion Rate throughout the campaign was 81.2%
  • Viewability Rate throughout the campaign was 76%
  • Exceeded client’s expectations in terms of performance
  • Given an additional 35% budget, after client optimized the entire media plan across all vendors

Advertiser : Cream Cheese Company 

Category : Dairy Product 

Market : USA

Media Types : Video & Display

Execution : Managed Service

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