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We’re Not a Blind Media Buy

We're Not a Blind Media Buy

Some advertising networks will unscrupulously sell their network blind to media buyers and media planners. “Blind” meaning that even the advertising sales team aren’t even exactly sure about where the advertising will end up. What generally happens is that after the campaign has been push lived that they discover their advertising is running on unsuitable sites.

Unlike these unscrupulous advertising networks, Gourmet Ads isn’t a blind media buy. We’re actually very proud of the premium websites and blog which we work with as most have dedicated audiences and produce great content all the time. Our close relationship with our publishers even allows us to even on occasions do more integrated advertising solutions for advertising clients.

Apart from disclosing all the website publishers and bloggers we work with, we actually allow advertisers and advertising agencies if requested to choose right down to the ad unit. So if they don’t want to run a particular ad unit, that’s fine. By providing a site list and allowing choice right down to the ad unit, it allows advertisers to undertake a really optimized media buy.

So if you are unsure where your existing advertising campaigns are running and don’t trust the network youre working with, then Gourmet Ads can help.

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