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Viewable Impressions

viewabilityDisplay ads generate impressionsApparently 31% of online ads go unseen – and this is a worrying statistic for advertisers that feel like they are spending a lot of money on advertising campaigns. Most display ads are defined by the impressions that they generate, and the more impressions that they can create,...Continue Reading>>

Easter Advertising

Easter AdvertisingEaster Advertising isn't just about Marketing Chocolate Easter Eggs!This year Easter falls early on March 27, and even if you don’t sell chocolate Easter eggs there are significant opportunities over the holiday period for all types of industries. Once regarded simply...Continue Reading>>

Advertising to Teens

Advertising to Teens Advertising to Teens is more challenging than other DemographicAdvertising to teens is a challenge as they are a more volatile and slightly more unpredictable group of consumers. However, they are the richest age demographic in terms of having the highest rate of disposable income. Impulse buys, trends and fast-changing fads often have...Continue Reading>>

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