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Appnexus Packages – Let’s Make a Deal

Programmatic Based Deal PackagesRecently I was invited by Appnexus CEO Bryan O’Kelly to be a speaker at the annual Appnexus European Summit, where I helped launch their brand new Packages feature. The highlight of our presentation, together with Edward Thomas from Accuen London, was to execute the world’s fastest Programmatic deal, which we did in 4 minutes and 38 seconds.What are Packages and how can they help you?Appnexus Packages (you'll need an Appnexus Console Login...Continue Reading>>

Talking Business on Qantas Inflight

Talking Business on Qantas InflightBenjamin Christie interviewed by Alan Kohler on Qantas Inflight RadioThis month, our Managing Director, Benjamin Christie is interviewed by Alan Kohler on Talking Business which is played on Qantas Inflight Radio. Alan Kohler is the...Continue Reading>>